If it’s real, then it’s spectacular – Accretionary Wedge 42 Entry

January 21, 2012 in Accretionary Wedge

This Accretionary Wedge entry if from Bob Chesson who said “The conglomerate (meta sediment) is called green marinacci (sp?)which I believe is from South Africa. Not sure if the name is a ‘trade’ name or the actual formation name. but is definitely cool.”  Obviously, this looks like a conglomerate, but I’m a little suspicious that it may be an engineered stone made up of loose cobbles, artificially cemented together, but I would need to take a closer look.  What do the rest of you think?  Either way, it’s a beautiful stone.   Thanks for sending it in, Bob.  For the rest of you, make sure to get your entries in by the end of the month to be entered to win the special geologic prize pack.

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