Want to help design the next Estwing hammer?

March 6, 2012 in Opinion

Awhile ago, I wrote a post about Estwing hammers and the geologists who love them, which inspired some commentators to reminisce about their first Estwing.  Last week I was contacted by an Estwing employee who appreciated these sentiments and wanted to know if I had any suggestions for new products or ways of improving existing ones.

Did I ever.

Ever since I’ve been a geologist, I’ve been breaking sledgehammers.  A few years ago in Nicaragua, our field day ended abruptly when an unnamed colleague of mine broke our second and final sledgehammer.  I’ve long dreamed of a large sledgehammer with a metal handle designed not to “ring”, which would cause some serious pain after a few days of work.  I suggested this to my new friend at Estwing and he actually brought it to the engineers there.  Alas, they were concerned about the added weight of the handle and nixed it, but the point is that they listened and want to hear more.

This Estwing employee also asked me if I had any other ideas, so I thought I’d harness the power of the entire Estwing-loving universe out there.

Do you have any ideas for new Estwing products or ways to improve existing ones?

Let’s get creative here.  How bout a hammer that has a rock pick on one side and a chisel point on the other?  Do you want bigger hammers?  Smaller hammers?  Other geo-tools?  Leave your ideas in the comments and I’ll send the link to the folks at Estwing.  They may not go for your idea, but you never know.

And if you want to give a shout out for my full-sized-metal-handled sledge, I’d appreciate it.

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