Who wants volcanic bombs from Italy? You do, of course.

March 9, 2012 in Fieldwork

One of the most interesting things about of having a blog is receiving e-mail from distant corners of the globe.  Sometimes, they bear gifts.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by an Italian volcanic bomb enthusiast who wanted to send me volcanic bombs from Etna in exchange for bombs I collected elsewhere.  Sort of a volcanic bomb pen pal situation.  It was an unusual request, but how do you say no to that?

After some e-mailing back and forth, being careful to always type “volcanic” in front of the word “bomb”, I packaged up some samples from Cerro Chopo in Costa Rica and Cerro Negro in Nicaragua and sent them off to Italy (they’re still en route).  In exchange, I received a package that made my day, week, and probably month.



Aerodynamic volcanic bomb from 1646 eruption.

Another VERY aerodynamic bomb suggesting that it flew through the air while still molten.

Probably part of a Strombolian eruption, with lots of "spatter".

So, on an otherwise normal Tuesday, I received a package from Italy containing these spectacular samples (and about a dozen others) wrapped in Italian newspaper from my new volcano friend across the Atlantic.  Needless to say, all other Tuesdays will be a big letdown.

More importantly, he seemed to be eager to find other volcanologists willing to participate in his international volcanic bomb exchange.  If you’re interested and have something good to send him, let me know and I can put you in touch.  Remember that he’s ONLY interested in volcanic bombs, not other volcanic material.  You gotta love that kind of dedication.

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